I am trying to build EDK2 because I think it will create .efi files from Intel syntax assembly code, but I am having a lot of trouble so I just wanted verification that EDK2 does that before I spend more hours trying to build it.

If it can't do that, is there some software (preferably free) that can do that?

If you need more clarification, I want some software that could cross-assemble code from Linux to a UEFI computer.

EDIT: Thanks, @Steve Barnes. Does EDK2 cross-assemble UEFI assembly??

  • As far as I know you are going to be out of luck because Intel ASM specifically targets Intel processors while UEFI is cross processor so you need to be writing in C, or UEFI ASM, rather than Intel ASM. – Steve Barnes Oct 25 '15 at 6:13

After tons of research, I figured out that a .efi file is just a portable executable. FASM can do portable executables.

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