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A decompiler is a program that transform machine- or bytecode back into a higher language.

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C# decompiler library to be embedded in android application?

Could you recommend a C# decompiler library to be embedded in my android application? input: file/file path output: parsed C# source code or similar Prefered usage is just adding a jar to my project....
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jar reverse obfuscation tool

I know there has some tool which can decompile the jar to java. But when the jar is obfuscated, the java code is also none readable. Can some tool help to deobfuscate the jar? Make the code more ...
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Free decompiler for ARM binaries

Is there a good, free decompiler that supports ARM binaries? I'm looking for a decompiler from native code to C, not just a disassembler. I'm looking for a decompiler for ARMv7 (i.e. 32-bit) programs ...
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Free tools for decompiling SWF files?

I'm looking for free tools to decompile and extract resources from SWF files for which I don't have a source anymore. Open source tools would be beneficial.
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Software to edit the relocation table of a PE file

I'm patching a legacy DLL for which I don't have the sources and I need to modify some few entries in the relocation table. Is there any software that would allow me to do that? This is Windows 32 ...
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C# decompiler restoring async/await methods

I tried a number of C# decompilers (dotPeek, Reflector, ILSpy, the one from Teleric) but none of them restores async methods as they look before compilation. Is there any decompiler restoring async/...
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Wherigo decompiler (for Windows)?

Is there any LUA decompiler (for Windows, at best) that would work on Wherigo cartridges? I've tried luadec, unluac.jar and some PHP script found in Internet, but the first both fail to recognize the ...
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Free Assembly decompiler that makes assembly a little easier to read

I'm not looking for a tool that can magically create good code out of binary files, just something that makes assembly a little easier to read. For example, it would turn add eax,eax lea eax,[eax+eax*...
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Offline decompiler for Flash to get the ActionScript

Hi I have tried quite a few decompilers for Flash but they do not work well, either generating unnecessary codes or even fail to decompile. The best currently that I found - and have been using - is ...
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Free tool for exploring compiled .NET assembles, alternative to .NET Reflector?

Would you recommend a free tool for exploring compiled .NET assemblies. I need to be able to: Explore the assemblies' source code and visualize the IL to a CLR language of choice (C#, VB.NET, managed ...
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Tool to inspect a XAP (Windows Phone app) file

I am looking for a tool to extract from a XAP (Windows Phone app) file: Metadata such as version name, libraries, etc String resources Binary resources Dialog definitions Ideally: decompiled source ...
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Open Source Java decompiler that does not crash on huge projects, understands advanced Java concepts

A Java decompiler turns a .class file back into a .java file. While decompiled code is not perfect (no comments, sometimes obfuscated names, etc.), it can be useful during hacking competitions, or to ...
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