As described in my other question (see there for some background), I need replacements for some Firefox addons which should work with v57+ – i.e. they should be Web Extensions. In this case here, my question is about TableTools. Requirements:

  • allows to sort a table by a column either numerical or alpha-numerical (must-have)
  • filter tables by a column value (e.g. "Name" equals "Miller", "Age" is below 50, "City" contains "ton"). At least by one column, combinations preferred
  • export the (resulting/marked/all) rows as CSV (other formats welcome, especially Markdown)

While TableTools has a ton of additional features, these 3 are my must-haves. Some of its other features are welcome (eg. hide columns, rearrange their order by drag-and-drop), most of them I don't care much about (if they're there its OK, but I wouldn't really miss them).

TableTools filter feature (source: AMO)

TableTools context menu (source: AMO)

As the addon works on page content only, it could also be realized as a UserScript – which would be fine with me, too. Gratis, preferably open-source.

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