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PIM focused on conversations and goals, with communications protocol compatibility, for Linux or Android?

I need software that can help me keep track of what I said and what people said to me. I need to be able to record conversations, bookmark what people said so I can review, keep notes, draft replies, ...
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Looking for an older note taking application that worked with tabular entry

I once had a piece of software, that was free and as i recall even open source, that was a revolutionary concept allowing you to enter information as tables. And each cell could then have sub-cells in ...
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2 answers

Purely offline personal task management software for Windows

Ideally, this software would allow me to track and plan out several projects across a timeline in terms of identifying and scheduling associated tasks and tracking their completion. The projects are ...
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Android contacts manager with a dark theme/mode

I've been looking for an Android contacts manager with some basic features, and I've been surprised by how hard it has been to find one. Requirements: Has its own dark theme/mode (does not rely on ...
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Log Book / Diary

I would like and application that can keep track of various events. It is not exactly a blog / dairy because the records would generally be short and need to include custom metadata. Here are some ...
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