I've been looking for an Android contacts manager with some basic features, and I've been surprised by how hard it has been to find one.


  1. Has its own dark theme/mode (does not rely on Android).
  2. Is reliable. No frequent crashes.
  3. Does not require the internet or attempt to make internet connections.
  4. Has a way to use one finger to quickly scroll to all names that begin with a desired letter.
  5. Sorts properly when sorting by first name field.
  6. No ads.
  7. Does not require root privileges.

That's it. Sounds pretty basic, but so far I haven't found anything that meets those simple requirements.

Optional preferences (none are requirements):

  1. Open-source.
  2. Gratis.
  3. Has a tile mode for favorite/frequent contacts.
  4. No extra elements cluttering the UI for WhatsApp, Google products, or other junk.

If it is not gratis, any price is fine as long as it is a 1-time cost, and not a subscription.

What I've already tried:

  1. Contacts, Dialer and Phone by Facetocall - Does not meet requirements #1 and #3. Sketchy app behaviour.
  2. Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler - Does not meet requirement #3. Very sketchy app behaviour.
  3. Next.Phone With Dialer, InCallUI, Contacts - Does not meet requirement #1. No new releases for over a year, so unlikely to change. Besides not meeting requirement #1, looks good and performs well..
  4. OpenContacts - Does not currently meet requirements #4 and #5. Great idea, but very buggy.
  5. Simple Contacts - Does not currently meet requirement #2. Crashes when scrolling.
  6. Simple Dialer - Does not currently meet requirement #2. Crashes when scrolling.

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