I am looking to send a request to my phone's IP over the LAN using curl and get back an image from the camera.

At the moment, I am doing this with IP Webcam, but I don't need the video stream – just still photos. Because it's streaming video, the app absolutely kills my phone battery, and is useless after running for an hour.

All of the other apps that I can find with remote photo functionality are either webcam apps with no ability to disable video streaming, or sketchy "spy" apps that require far too many permissions and provide features I don't want (like remotely reading SMS messages).

Features I want:

  • Remotely trigger taking photos when a request is made
  • Use flash when taking a remotely-triggered photo
  • Web server that serves images so I can request with curl
  • Only takes photos, no video
  • Photos are taken and transferred in full resolution
  • Only works over LAN, no cloud
  • Strong preference for FOSS applications
  • Bonus points if battery metadata is also made accessible to curl via the same app/server

Note: I am open to video-streaming apps that have an option to fully disable video and only provide still images.

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A quick google lead to this https: //ikeymonitor.com/remotely-take-photos-with-the-spy-camera-app.html. From what I understand it has most of what you require but I've never used it.

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    While I appreciate you taking a look, this has some things I very specifically don't want: I don't want a "spy" app that requires too many permissions and has too much unnecessary functionality that puts my phone and data at risk. I also don't want an app that syncs data to a cloud server, and would prefer for the app to be FOSS. I very specifically listed these requirements in my post, and do not intend to award the bounty to this answer.
    – jstrieb
    Commented Feb 24, 2021 at 19:34
  • Understandable and sorry for such bad answer. Hopefully this list will serve you better. cancioneira.com/7-best-free-spy-camera-apps-android
    – KieronK
    Commented Feb 24, 2021 at 19:40

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