I have a website that is built on MongoDB. I am tracking its KPIs: visitors, visits. I want to analyze these data in real time by a BI software. So I am looking for a BI software:

  1. can be easily connected to MongoDB

  2. can be used in Mac or in a web browser (because I don't have Windows)

  3. not very expensive (at the moment, I have not too many data and don't need too fanny analytics)

I have done some research, it seems that

  • Qlik Sense does not have Mac Desktop; Qlik Sense Clould cannot connect to MongoDB.
  • Microsoft Power BI is only Windows-based.
  • Tableau has a Mac Desktop that can be connected to MongoDB, but the price is 70 dollars/month.

Am I missing something? Could anyone help?


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Well it sounds like Pentaho meets your requirement. It is not very expensive and quite adaptive to many data sources, including MongoDb.

Pentaho doesn't only provides reporting solution but also offers ETL & OLAP (Mondarian) along with it. It comes up with 30 days trial but you can ofcourse have a look into it before downloading . Click here for the demo (you might need to be asked to provide few details before accessing demo)

Disclaimer: I don't work for Pentaho or its related entity. recommendation is purely based upon my experience & knowledge of data warehousing over a decade.

  • Pentaho has community edition for free. Mar 11, 2018 at 12:23

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