I want to know if there is any browser based GUI tools available for MongoDB to use on AWS-Linux-Server. I just want to view the collections of Mongo.


Finally, after few hours of suffering i found answer for my own question

To Create Mongo user

db.createUser({ user: "root" , pwd: "<password>", roles: ["userAdminAnyDatabase", "dbAdminAnyDatabase", "readWriteAnyDatabase"]})

Adminer for MogoDb

Adminer configuration

nano adminer.php

search --> connect("mongodb://$N",$sf);

edit if condition --> if($F!="") --> if($F!="password")

RockMongo for MogoDb


  1. wget https://github.com/iwind/rockmongo/archive/master.zip
  2. unzip master.zip
  3. config rockMongo to nginx
  4. service nginx restart

RockMongo based on php5 so, it's not working on php7

so, i used mongo-php-adapter

  1. composer require alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter

  2. insert the following in index.php

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

  1. edit the following in config.php

To enable password login $MONGO["servers"][$i]["mongo_auth"] = true;//enable mongo authentication?


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