We are planning to implement a coding (programming) platform and below are the requirements:

  • There will be three sets or levels of questions (Easy, Medium, Hard).
  • When creating a test or contest, it should be pickup two from easy, two from medium and two from hard randomly.
  • There should be time limit for every test or contest.
  • There should be an option to give optional test cases (which will be shown along with question) and score giving test cases.
  • For any question, a user can submit the answer in any one of the supported programming languages (we are planning to target Python, C, C++ and Java).

We are able to achieve everything with Moodle Quiz and CodeRunner plugins, except that we are able to give only one programming language option to the user to submit a question.

Is there any open source alternative solution for that which supports our requirements?


With some effort you can actually write your own CodeRunner question type that accepts submissions in multiple languages. See the forum discussion at http://coderunner.org.nz/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=73. It includes an example question type that accepts either Python or C. The two major caveats are:

  1. The template code has to be able to determine the language of the submitted code, either by analysing it or by requiring a language-identifying comment at the start.
  2. The Ace editor will probably have to be turned off, as it doesn't know what language the student is using.

When I have some development time - hopefully before the end of the year - I intend adding an optional dropdown box to allow students to choose a language; that should overcome both those problems.

Richard/Trampgeek (CodeRunner developer)

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    Umm.... as a teacher (linux admin and programming), and Canvas admin, is there any chance of a stand alone timed exercise that could be used with non-Moodle systems via LTI? Pro hosted or institution hosted? – ivanivan Sep 27 '17 at 1:57

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