I have been in search for a simple test management tool which is open source and runs on Linux environment which I want to host it locally.

The key features I am looking out for are as follows:

  1. Requirements management (can be of technical, design, functional, non-functional)
  2. Test Plan creation using the selected requirements
  3. test cases update, which additionally should have a clear mapping from requirement to test plan to test cases (in order to maintain traceability)
  4. keep a place for test execution, as we keep running it in sprints, the impact based regression is also planned and should be selected during the test plan phase

I have explored few options like TestLink, Tarantula, xQual etc, but still unsatisfied as they would need a huge set of configurations to be done and afraid of choosing them as it might not be best bet for an agile kind of environment.

I was pretty inline with the tool Tarantula, but unfortunately the support ended and the code pushed into git is currently running through a lot of errors and is taking up a huge time inorder to start using it.

So any good advice of tools around this kind of test management is welcome and I am open to try out various tools (but we are kind of looking for specific open source/free tools).

  • Try ZenTao and Restyaboard to your list. Both are open source and for agile teams.
    – Max
    Jan 22, 2021 at 2:54

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After reviewing recent open source tools, we've put a blog post together listing all the free test case management tools which are currently available.

The top tools which we found are:

  • Tarantula - Open source tool that is suitable for agile testing.
  • Testopia - An extension of Bugzilla, a traditionally bug tracking tool.
  • qaManager - Another option which has options to track releases.
  • TestLink - One of the most common tools which people often turn to.

If anyone finds any tools that we've missed, please do let me know.

Thanks Scott

  • Thanks Scott , it’s definitely s good blog to get started
    – Rams
    Nov 4, 2017 at 9:22

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