This may be a very noob question, but I finally decided to ask here after spending a week working on it. I know a bit of php/mysql/js coding. No experience in mobile app development - and wanted a way to link my framework7 app (and also a web based html version) with a server-side user management and authentication. Initially thought of WordPress REST, but decided against it as wanted simpler solution.

I need help in finding an open source software that I can use to do user management (login, session etc). I have a website and an app for a simple service that I provide (for simplicity lets assume it to be quiz and grading for each user).

SO basic requirements are:

  1. User authentication through app - and related process flow.

  2. User wise data(quiz score) saving in mysql.

I have tried hybridauth, Opauth in social plugins.

CodeIgniter, userfrosting (too large - uses too many libraries) and huge(was just not able to make it work - apparently the help docs not for noobs like me) in others.

Moreover, these are ideally website solutions where the files accessed are hosted in the web server - unlike the app where files are in mobile. Since I am more of a hobby programmer and am not an expert, a good user guide / tutorial would be helpful.

Does anyone know any other solution that I can use to do user management for my app? WIll really appreciate your help as I have hit a deadend.


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Maybe you should look at Drupal, together with these contributed modules for it:


Digits by Twitter

The Twitter company has launched a user-authentication system for app developers, called Digits. This is independent of Twitter accounts. I've not used it; not sure if this is a fit for your needs but possibly.


I'm looking into experimenting with dreamfactory, I didn't like how userfrosting doesn't have rest api service out of the box although you can extend it, but dreamfactory seems to have user management build in w/ a focus on rest api. https://www.dreamfactory.com/. I couldn't find any other solutions although there are many boilerplate user management code respositories on this laravel. dreamfactory does support upgrades so you can keep up to date w/ them.

list https://github.com/TimothyDJones/awesome-laravel.


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