I often need to create Java webapps.

I usually run the maven-archetype-webapp archetype, but it does not provide enough, so I always have to manually add many things, such as jetty:run. I want to reduce all of these steps to a minimum, meaning I would be able to use the project directly after archetype generation without having to add more dependencies or plugins to the pom.xml file.


  • Webapp structure (Servlet 3.1 or later)
  • WAR generation command
  • JUnit command/dependencies
  • Logging (can be SLF4J or Log4j or logback or java.util.logging
  • WTP Eclipse Web project (Not just a normal Eclipse project. Should work on latest released Eclipse version)
  • Command to run the server (probably using Jetty or similar), I don't have to configure anything, I just run the command and the webapp gets launched
  • Does not add other things, in particular no particular framework
  • The Maven archetypes for Vaadin do all that, come with a copy of Jetty bundled for running your web app from within your project, plus provides a proven free-of-cost open-source framework to build a web app user-interface using only pure Java. See Getting Started. – Basil Bourque Apr 15 '17 at 6:11

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