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Auto generating Junit tests tool with usage of AI

I am using IntelliJ and I write my code in Java. I would like to create a bunch of Junit tests, because they are missing. I wonder if there is any tool which is using AI (like ChatGPT) which can ...
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Is There a unit test viewer for JUnit test results?

The workflow I use has unit tests, but the results are normally written to the Visual Studio Error log (slowly). The framework I'm using is TcUnit, for PLC's. However, there's also a result file ...
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1 vote
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Tool to analyze JUnit/xUnit test results over long periods of time

Currently I am using the Jenkins JUnit plugin to generate nice graphs/trends for build results. My project doesn't natively produce a JUnit xml file so I manually create one, and the plugin works ...
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Software that generates some JUnit code

I'd like a program that generates some JUnits for me. Not necessarily the full JUnit but at least more of a start. I work for a company that believes in near 100% JUnit code coverage. If I add an ...
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Java compare CSVs in Junit tests - if failure, give specific line(s) of failure

I've got some Junit tests that compare large blocks of JSON using a framework called JsonUnit. When there is a failure in the test, it's typically just a few lines in a 1000+ line JSON. The JsonUnit ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Automation reporting tool for parallel test runs

I am looking for a reporting tool that I can use to provide an outline for parallel tests that I am running using maven, junit, cucumber. Preferably if this could be as simple as a dependency/plugin ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Tool for generating test case document from javadoc

I am looking for a tool in Java/maven that can generate test case document from javadoc and merge the test result into it. I am indeed to put the javadoc in front of all integration tests and I want ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Maven archetype that creates a webapp with WAR generation, eclipse web project, JUnit, command-line Jetty

I often need to create Java webapps. I usually run the maven-archetype-webapp archetype, but it does not provide enough, so I always have to manually add many things, such as jetty:run. I want to ...
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