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IntelliJ plugin to view maven plugin versions (direct and idirect)

I am using "Dependency Analyzer" plugin in IntelliJ in order to see versions of all dependencies from the pom: It works pretty well for dependencies. Just when I want to see also versions ...
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Java library to download file on restricted speed

I want to develope Java program that downloads files from the given URLs with custom restricted speed. What Java libraries should I use to do so(restricted speed)? Thank you
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Automatic generation of automatic tests?

Is there some project which would generate template for automatic tests from api generation from Swagger in Java Spring? Something like one test file with one test for every put/get/delete/post for ...
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Unnable to resolve tycho v1.3.0(or any) for eclipse 2018-12

Trying to build eclipse plugin using tycho v1.3.0. And my eclipse is not PDE, its a Java/J2EE IDE with PDE plugin installed. My pom.xml is as below <project xmlns="
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Looking for a 2D Bin Packing library in Java

I am looking for a general purpose 2D bin packing library in Java. One that is well maintained and/or has sufficient usage is available via Maven (optional) has a Apache2 or similar license is ...
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MVN plugin to ignore test in unmodified submodules

I have a Maven project that has several submodules. because we have dependencies between some of them, we need to run the build from the parent pom. Because there are a lot of unit tests the build ...
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A way to generate a report for Serenity BDD test stability over time?

I have a suite of Webdriver w Serenity BDD tests that is being expanded by all developers, I've noticed that some tests fail randomly even when none of the components change meaning that they've been ...
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XML difference using Maven

I have a requirement to find out the differences between XML files of the current release and previous release, and report the differences in HTML format. These XML files are packaged in a jar during ...
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Tool for generating test case document from javadoc

I am looking for a tool in Java/maven that can generate test case document from javadoc and merge the test result into it. I am indeed to put the javadoc in front of all integration tests and I want ...
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Maven scp and extract plugin

As part of a development deployment - I need to SCP a zipped folder of assets to a virtual machine, and then extract it there. Is there a plugin(s) that will do this, before I roll my own?
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Maven archetype that creates a webapp with WAR generation, eclipse web project, JUnit, command-line Jetty

I often need to create Java webapps. I usually run the maven-archetype-webapp archetype, but it does not provide enough, so I always have to manually add many things, such as jetty:run. I want to ...
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