I'm looking for a wiki with the follow features:

  • simple WYSIWYG editor (actually, it'd be perfect if the WYSIWYG editor is the default way to view a page)
  • I need to upload a lot of heavy images, so every time I add an image the wiki should create a compressed version of the image (the compressed version is the displayed in the page, but this compressed image it is linked somewhat to the original one)
  • autocompletion for locals links

Note that it does not matter whether it is a desktop app or web-based, monouser or multiuser.


Mediawiki can do all of this with a bit of tweaking:

  • Uploaded images get displayed as dynamically-generated thumbnails
  • WYSIWYG thanks to the Visual Editor extension
  • The Visual Editor includes auto-completion of local wikilinks. Start start typing and possible choices appear.

It is web-based.

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