After a long time looking for a personal wiki / note-taking application I've come to the conclusion there's no wiki with exactly or at least most of the features I need. I need the wiki to keep track of solved programming problems at work but also for personal notes.


These must be the following …

  • Automatic linking of entries by typing the keyword / title of another entry, preferably with autosuggestion, also non camel case titles with spaces (Zim desktop wiki doesn't support this)
  • Attaching all kind of files to an entry
  • Searching the whole wiki for a word and showing all related entries
  • Desktop-based (Windows 7)
  • Ease of use of Tomboy, WikiPad is no fun

and it would be nice to have these …

  • LaTeX support
  • A portable version
  • Insert programming code with syntax highlighting and correct formatting
  • Free

What I've tried and didn't like …

  • Zim (link words can't be non camel case)
  • Tomboy (no files or pictures can be attached or inserted into an entry)
  • WikiPad (no spaces in keywords?)
  • ConnectedText (too overloaded)

@jf1 Is it possible to automatically link to other notes without typing the name of the other note in square brackets first? Thats the most important feature i'd like to have: Linking, without having me to do anything - just typing the text.

I'm having OneNote 2010 here and it doesn't seem to work this way. Does the current version (2016) support this?


I use TiddlyWiki for a personal information repository (type Wiki) of notes about software development, this tool covers most items you require.


  • Portable. (One single file, You can stored it in dropbox for get a copy in every moment in each linked device)
  • It works in different plataforms (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Android, ipad/iphone, Node.js, WebDAV)
  • Ease of use, configure and add new plugins. [Drag and Drop]
  • Insert programming code with syntax highlighting in several languages.
  • Open Source (https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5)
  • Soporte KaTeX, (plugin for mathematical typesetting based on KaTeX from Khan Academy.)
  • Attaching all kind of files to an entry
  • Searching the whole wiki for a word and showing all related entries.
  • Manual Links, CamelCase Links, External Links, Customising Tiddler Links.

  • For default Automatic linking is not enabled, but you can development this feature about your needs, for example you can get this performance with a macro

Demo Download Tiddlywiki

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You might want to try OneNote, which fullfills all your given requirements and some of the additional requests:


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  • Thanks for your answer. But it seems OneNote can't link automatically to other notes by just typing. You have to type the name in square brackets first. I wan't it to link instantly after typing the title of an existing note, without me knowing this note exists or not. – Foxl Dec 10 '15 at 7:11
  • 1
    @foxl Indeed you have to type square brackets. However, the referenced page need not exist. If it does, then it is linked, otherwise it gets created on the fly and linked, as soon as you close with the 2nd square bracket. But I see, you want it the other way around. I'm sorry, the closest with this regard is TomBoy, i think. But you already said you don't like it.... Moreover, with spaces in page names, hmh. you seem to be out of luck; how should the software know, where you intend the name to end, if you don't want to provide at least a hint? – jf1 Dec 11 '15 at 22:00

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