I've recently read about plastic surgery and came across the information, that a lot of doctors make use of 3D models to show their patients what to expect. I understand that there are 3D scanners involved most of the time though.

What I want to do

Since I have some experience creating 3D models with [3D Studio Max][2] and [Inventor][3], and I also have a some free time ahead, I thought about modeling myself in 3D. Preferably in a way, that I can change certain parameters to alter my look digitally and play around a little.

What I know so far

I came across Smith Mirco Software Poser, which seems to be the perfect fit. However it costs around 80$ for students, which I am not yet willing to pay without knowing what to expect. I already have 3D Studio Max at my disposal, but it seems a litte too difficult to get the results there (assuming that I use box modeling).

Which software would you suggest?


Personally I cannot recommend Blender 3D modeller enough.

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Contains just about everything that you might need
  • Lots of books, tutorials, online demo, user groups, etc.
  • Programmatic model construction & variation from within Blender
  • There are even lots of free or paid for models to use as a starting point, e.g. here.
  • Includes Armature modelling so that you can make sure that the articulation is correct.
  • Includes Animation, Lighting, Texturing, basically everything.

It does have a bit of a steep learning curve but once that is surmounted the results that are possible are incredible.

  • I never really looked at Blender since I have access to a free student license of Autodesk 3D Studio Max. But after your answer I checked out a few tutorials of Blender and was convinced that it is a valid alternative to 3D Studio Max. Especially the availability of free models to start with seems an interesting option. – pat3d3r Dec 28 '16 at 15:33

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