I think this kind of tool is a must have for any web developer, and I would love to get a recommendation for a tool that would simplify the workflow

  1. have a bunch of icons and images to spriteify
  2. run software
  3. create a .css and a .png sprite

I would rather it be free (there is a great, yet expensive, TexturePacker) and will able to create a sprite for retina screen as well and work for OSX

I don't care if its with UI or command line (as long as its simple and one liner)

  • I can give you command line option that is a single line after it has been set-up; setup will take a few command line calls and generating a small text file; but it is very easy to do and I can give you pretty much exact copy & past contents (ie just replace a couple file paths with your own file paths). Apr 25 '14 at 15:38

Here are some tools, I was able to find:

Some of them are online:

And some are standalone

I liked Zerosprites for few reasons:

  • no need to install anything
  • locates images automatically on the sprite, trying to minimize the size of image
  • creates css
  • allows you to optimize png
  • it is free
  • it is easy to use

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