I want to add speech balloons to photographs.

Bonus points for supporting other bubbles, too (thought bubbles, scream bubbles, …).

I want to

  1. open the photograph,
  2. add a speech bubble,
  3. enter text, and
  4. drag and drop it to its intended position.

Wish list:

  • The entered text should never overflow.
  • The text and the bubble should "stick" together so that I can freely move them as a unit.
  • It would be great if I could resize and/or move the pointer/tail so that the actual bubble/text can be farther away.
  • There must be no watermarks (or similar) on the result.

I’d love to find a small, specialized tool; but a bulky image editor is fine, too, as long as I don’t have to create/draw the bubbles by hand.

I’m using JPG, but I’m willing to convert if need be.

The tool must run natively on GNU/Linux and be FLOSS.


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LibreOffice Draw can do that:

  • runs natively on Linux
  • the text and bubble stick together (as long as you double-clicked the bubble and inserted the text)
  • drag the pointer/tail
  • no watermarks
  • not good: it includes the image in a page sized frame even if you choose to open the image directly with Draw. However if you press Ctrl+A and export selection as image everything is ok.

enter image description here


Also, https://www.pizap.com/app online service worked for me.

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