I have a series of digital photos and I want to have them professionally printed to put them up for sale.

I want to test aspects of the quality of printing, so for each image, I want to have certain metadata actually appear on the image itself. That way, when I get the prints back, I can just read the information right on the photo itself.

Specifically I want to add the filename and the resolution into the image, like this:

enter image description here

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You can do this in a single long line using imagemagic.

To change the image in place:

mkdir outdir
mogrify -fill red -gravity SouthWest -pointsize 60 \
 -annotate +0+5 "%f %hx%w" -path outdir\ *.jpg

Note: Take care to have a backup of your images when using mogrify as it overwrites in place without any warnings or prompts.

Here is one I just did: enter image description here

ImageMagick is:

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform
  • Very Powerful
  • You can also do batch resizing at the same time on the same command line.

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