It's quite common for certain types of YouTube videos to have the content in some rectangle of the screen with the rest of the screen used as a static border.

I'm looking for some kind of tool, probably an extension for one of the browsers that lets me specify which rectangle I am interested in and magnify that portion to a bigger size.

  • The magnification could be to some arbitrary size, to the size of the window/tab, or full screen.
  • Chrome is my preferred browser but I'd use any browser to deal with this issue.
  • Ideally something for Windows and Mac. Cross platform or one solution per OS.

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It is not perfect but as a work around you can use Ctrl+MouseWheelFWD to zoom in on any browser window as much as you like Ctrl-0 resets, YouTube also supply a full screen option on the bottom right of the video windows.


You don't need any browser extensions. You don't need any third party software.

Windows has a built-in Magnifier. Just open it and choose a factor. It's really that easy. ;-)

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