I am looking for a browser extension that can play YouTube videos faster than x2 in the browser, and if possible, work with Google Chrome and Windows 7.

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You could use MySpeed (a paid product - I'm not affiliated with it in any way). It integrates automatically with all browsers, although you would have to initially install it via a windows installer.

This will then do EXACTLY what you've asked for:

This will:

  • play YouTube videos,
  • faster than x2,
  • in the browser, and
  • work with Google Chrome and Windows 7

Not an extension, but a cheap workaround for Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Opera/Vivaldi/etc that will work with any HTML5 video or audio on any page (unless it's inside an iframe):

  1. Right-click anywhere on the page and pick Inspect.
  2. In the devtools window that opens go to Console, adjust and paste the script below, and hit Enter.
document.querySelectorAll('video,audio').forEach(m => {
    m.playbackRate = 2.5;

NOTE: set your own desired playbackRate

This will play all the HTML5 videos and audios on the page at 2.5x speed. Adjust to your taste.

2.5x Browser Bookmarklet

By placing a bookmarklet in your browser Bookmarks bar you can run the snippet above with a single click without the need to open devtools.

Usage: in the editor page that opens drag the Drag me.. link to your browser's Bookmarks bar. While on a page containing HTML5 video/audio such as youtube or any other site click the corresponding bookmarklet.

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