I used to surf with Google Chrome and ZenMate plug-in was helpful at times. Now I want to use Microsoft Edge but have no idea what tool can replace the ZenMate plugin.

Please advise how I can temporarily change my IP / location when using Microsoft Edge?

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I don't believe there is a tool that is an "add-on" for Microsoft Edge but what you could do is use a VPN service to do the same thing. One I would recommend is Private Tunnel. Not only will it change the IP of your browser but it will also change the IP of all applications on your computer when you run Private Tunnel.

Private Tunnel

Private Tunnel is a new approach to true Internet security creating a Virtual Private Tunnel (VPT) or Virtual Private Network(VPN) that encrypts, privatizes, and protects your Internet traffic.

Edit (@Bobrovsky wants a free VPN service)

If your looking for a free VPN service, I would check out CyberGhost.


Free, simple & secure access to content from all over the world 5 Million people have enjoyed our service so far!

CyberGhost UI

  • Thank you. It works. It's a pity it's not completely free as ZenMate.
    – Bobrovsky
    Jul 31, 2015 at 16:28
  • How about CyberGhost?
    – Tom
    Jul 31, 2015 at 16:31
  • No problem, happy to help:)
    – Tom
    Jul 31, 2015 at 17:15

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