When I install a new PC from scratch (either personal or by the company), I find myself changing a lot of settings each time, like

  • turn off indexing on drives
  • disable the search box in the task bar
  • unpin Edge from the task bar
  • never group buttons on the task bar
  • never group buttons on secondary task bars
  • show task bar buttons only on the monitor that has the corresponding window
  • don't show news in task bar
  • disable Cortana in task bar
  • do not restart after a blue screen
  • set pagefile to RAM size + 2 GB so that a full kernel dump fits in
  • turn off PC when pressing power button
  • maximum of 99% CPU on all power profiles to prevent Turbo Boost
  • set screen scaling to 100%
  • expand screen to multiple monitors instead of mirroring
  • use small symbols in control panels
  • disable animation effects
  • set the "no sounds" sound scheme
  • don't show most used apps in start menu
  • don't show recently added apps in start menu

And potentially (other people might want this, I don't need it until now, since the default settings are ok for me)

  • Clear Type settings
  • Screen background
  • Color theme
  • Screen resolution
  • Screen saver and screen saver timeout
  • mouse cursor

The tool that achieves this should

  • work with Windows 10
  • cost less than 30 €

Optional / ideal

  • ideally support other programs such as settings from MS Office
  • it would be super cool if it could apply a subset of these settings temporarily, e.g. while I'm working with the system (like "admin mode") and restore the old settings when I leave. This would exclude expensive settings like turning off indexing of the hard drive.

On this site I found some similar requests:

  • this question which is about changing the hard drive and migrating everything. I clearly want to do this on a new installation.
  • this one is more looking for a backup of the whole system. I need a fresh installation and then change settings.
  • this is looking for setting migration from the old PC to the new PC, but not the whole system. This is probably similar, except that I don't want to involve an old PC. Also, the kind of settings is different.

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Microsoft recently released a tool called Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), which I'm pretty sure has the ability to do what you want to achieve. Alternatively you could use an automated installation script

  • Thanks for the answer. I'll check Power Automate. I am not looking for an automated installation script. This is already run by my IT department, so Windows is installed, there's a virus scanner available etc. My request is more about the details, the fine tuning. Commented Jun 30, 2021 at 9:54

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