In the organisation I am working, emails are hosted through a microsoft Exchange server. In Linux, I used till now Thunderbird together with the plugin exquilla.

I am looking to an alternative to this plugin (or, an alternative to thunderbird itself) to access to my email account (the web access is an option, but I don't like the exchange website interface).

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Besides Thunderbird + Lightning, there's Evolution with the evolution-mapi or evolution-ews extension. This supports at least Exchange 200, 2003, 2007, and probably also 2010.

There are also plenty of articles about this topic in the web, e.g. on linux.com, wiki.ubuntu.com: EvolutionExchange, and on superuser: How does one make Evolution work with Exchange 2010?. I also found a compability list: Evolution: Who with who (german)

To give a more specific answer, more details on your requirements and circumstances are needed.

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