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Questions tagged [jenkins]

software targeting the Jenkins continuous integration and continuous delivery platform

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0 answers

Best tool for visualizing results of test runs and integrating with Jenkins

I have created a python tool to run regression tests that use FIX messages and compare the expected and actual FIX responses. I want to integrate this python tool with Jenkins as I want to automate ...
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Is there an expressive CICD build system?

This may sound vague because it may be a skill issue, but I'm looking for a truly expressive build system. I've used Jenkins for years and it hasn't clicked for me. Jenkinsfiles are arbitrary and ...
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recommend jFrog repository package [closed]

We are using jFrog software/service and I need to create repository there, but I'm struggling to chose what type of repository/package I should choose. Please suggest some for my needs. In my release ...
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A way to generate a report for Serenity BDD test stability over time?

I have a suite of Webdriver w Serenity BDD tests that is being expanded by all developers, I've noticed that some tests fail randomly even when none of the components change meaning that they've been ...
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Regression testing for embedded software - Automation through Jenkins

I wonder if anyone has used or at least if there is any Jenkins plugin that can enable the management of a complete test cycle for a particular build. Maybe a first question would be, is there any ...
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What tools do you use to monitor applications and business-specific data? (apart from Jenkins)

Currently, we use Jenkins to run small node.js scripts in order to check if applications are doing what they're supposed to. Like, we have some routines which should run in an interval and we need to ...
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0 answers

Seeking Jenkins plugins for C/C++ code

I want to have as much information as I can from builds, especially with trend lines. Currently I am using the following Jenkins plug-ins: compiler warnings CppCheck for Linting xUnit for Google ...
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