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Android distribution to intercept HTTPS traffic

Since Android 11, intercepting HTTPS traffic has become more difficult (still possible but requires many more steps). Is there a maintained Android distribution that makes it easy? It should by ...
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Simple utility to see HTTP and HTTPS requests and responses for ALL network

I know Fiddler and Wireshark. But they are both hard to work with, specially wireshark. I wonder, is there a simpler tool to see the HTTP and HTTPS request/responses for the entire network? I'm on ...
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Best way to intercept/log HTTPS requests?

I'm a software developer who wants to learn how the Github Container Registry API works, so that I can write an alternative client for it. Reading the spec doesn't give me enough answers: there are ...
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HTTPS “proper/classic” proxy

I have two machines, let’s call them and, which run software that speaks disjunct SSL (versions, ciphersuites, anything). I need the client to access servers via ...
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SMS reading app withs HTTPS URL

I am looking for an Android SMS reading app in which I could provide a HTTPS URL. And when the mobile received an SMS it posts to the HTTPS URL.
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Which Python library supports HTTP pipelining?

HTTP pipelining is a technique in which multiple HTTP requests are sent on a single TCP (transmission control protocol) connection without waiting for the corresponding responses. Python http clients ...
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TLS 1.3 Http Library for Windows

I have been looking for a http library with TLS 1.3 support that works on windows but haven't found. Implementing using native windows features seems impractical so far as well. I know chrome achieves ...
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