Since Android 11, intercepting HTTPS traffic has become more difficult (still possible but requires many more steps).

Is there a maintained Android distribution that makes it easy?

  • It should by default have a root CA certificate whose secret I can access.
  • Ideally it would come with a UI to select apps, and see/record passing packets as an overlay, similar to HttpCanary.
  • Either GSI or ROM, ideally installable on recent Pixel devices.

Using an old Android distribution would be possible, but it would be insecure.

  • So you are searching for an generic System Image (GSI) or do you search for a custom ROM? If it is the latter you need a matching ROM for your device model. I don't know a GSI or ROM dedicated for network analysis. Most people just perform the necessary steps (Magisk + Magisk move certificates module). If you need to bypass certificate pinning then you need Frida + a script matching the app.
    – Robert
    Nov 14 at 16:44


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