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Questions tagged [chess]

Use this tag for recommendations for chess software. Please don't use this tag for questions on chess strategy, chess rules, or anything else not directly related to software recommendations.

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0 votes
2 answers

Mobile chess app that allows take backs?

My dad and I use to play each other on our phones, but I feel bad because I've beat him the past 200 games and he wishes that I could give him take backs. I know that there are chess ...
1 vote
0 answers

Replayer of chess moves in PGN or openings

I programmed a replayer of chess moves from Portable Game Notation, such as Milman v Fang, 2005, with FlaskChess for the server and python-chess for the logic (thanks to Python library to process ...
0 votes
1 answer

Python library to process Portable Game Notation in chess

I want to replay chess games in Portable Game Notation, which describes moves such as the King's Knight opening with 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 I adapted FlaskChess in Python for this purpose and it can take a ...
0 votes
1 answer

Simple chess engine in C

I need a chess library or simple chess engine code that is written in C that allows me to play chess on Arduino Uno serial monitor.
1 vote
1 answer

Simple chess engine in c language

I'm looking for a chess engine that is written in C language and is between 500 to 2000 lines of code or its size to be a few kilo bytes. I don't need the engine to be super smart, just need a very ...
0 votes
1 answer

Free Chess Mobile App with no move time restriction

I'm looking for a free chess mobile app or that lets me play my friends online with no time limit on moves, so we can both install the app and play games over any period of time.
1 vote
1 answer

3D chess game without logic

I am looking for a 3D chess game which I can freely manipulate. It is best defined by excluding features a normal chess game has It must NOT have a KI that performs moves NOT check for correctness ...
3 votes
0 answers

Is there a default chess board editor/library that is used to display chess competitions on the web?

I could not find enough credible information about this topic. I discover that a very good one is used to display chess competitions at Another one is used at http://...
9 votes
3 answers

Free source code (C++/C#) of chess engine reusable in non-opensource program

I've tried to find some chess engine source which would be completely free for any use. But most of open source engines is under GPL license. At least LGPL would be nice. Ideally I would like some ...
1 vote
0 answers

Extracting features from chessboard

So I am implementing an intelligent chess agent with the use of reinforcement learning. I intend to use Java. After reading the master thesis of H.Mannen I decided to use some of the features listed ...