I want to create a process flow chart out of my c# code. A user should be able to enter data such as type of element and connections to other elements and I want my code to create a flow chart out of it. I also write the data into a .csv file. The Data is in the form of "ElemwntTitle, ElementType, Connections".

Mock up of the desired flow chart with only one type of element

This chart should:

  • connect the elements
  • place the elements in a way that is readable
  • change form/color of the elements according to its type
  • be saveable as a .png or .jpg file

I am looking for a useful .NET package but so far I've only been able to find stuff to create programming diagrams (class diagrams etc.) that visualize my code.

Ideally the package is understandable to a mediocre c# programmer. I'm new in creating visual things with my code as I usually program hardware.

In case it's relevant: I use visual studio and am creating a Windows Forms App for the user to insert the data.

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You may be interested in GoDiagram 10, which we (Northwoods Software) recently released into beta.

GoDiagram 10 includes templating for nodes and links, data-binding, a JSON model data format, animation, and many more features. You can certainly create process flow diagrams with it, and it covers all your requirements.

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