Looking for a Git GUI that

  • supports on premise servers like GitLab (not only Cloud)
  • does not cost more than 5$ a month
  • is easy to use for beginners
  • runs on Windows 10

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Instead of providing an own UI TortoiseGit uses Windows Explorer and extends context menu e.g. of folders that belong to Git repositories.

For common git operations like commit, push, pull... it provides own UI dialogs.

It also has a dialog for synchronizing local repository branches with remote repository branches.

TortoiseGit is an open source project (GPLv2)


Could try Atlassian Sourcetree

I've only used it with cloud services, but it looks as though it can be made to work with GitLab and I'm guessing that applies to local servers as well.


Perhaps try the Github Desktop app? I think it is free.

I know it is for GitHub, but it can be made to work with Gitlab. At least, according to a few instructions such as this one (from 2018) or this one (from 2020).

Users still need a GitHub account though.

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