I'm looking for something that wraps git by providing an easy and consistent command-line interface (CLI) while fulfilling the following:

  • the CLI should use consistently the same names for the same things, i.e. not interchanging words like index, cache, stage or staging area.
  • fix some weird anomalies in the interface, like log and diff interpreting the refs passed as arguments differently.
  • not necessarily be backward compatible, we have the native CLI for that (similar to apt vs apt-get)

Does something like this already exist?

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One thing that you could try, but may not like or may love, is using Mercurial, (hg), as a git client via the hg-git plug in.

Mercurial tends to be much more consistent and user friendly than git, (in my personal opinion).


Try Easy Git, which is meant to be a newbie-friendly interface to Git, or the four similar projects linked to at the bottom of that page.

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