I need to make use of Sticky Notes app that acts like a traditional post-it notes (and not a program with that name but is like a normal windows program). However, I discovered all the sticky note programs are just sticky notes in look but not in use, as they don't stick.

I need a sticky note program that sticks to the front of the screen. If a window moves over the sticky notes the sticky note must not disappear behind it. If the sticky note does disappear then it's not a sticky note. It is a normal window.

Software I tried

  • Windows 10's default sticky notes.
  • Sticky notes (Classic)
  • Evernote sticky notes
  • Simple sticky notes
  • Stickies
  • Stickypad
  • Others

I have downloaded and tested so many sticky programs and none of them stick. I am starting to think that lack of any is that 3M patented post-it notes functionality to force people to buy their post-it notes to stick on computer screens.

Googling "sticky notes don't stick" doesn't bring up anything useful

Is there any solution?

Only workaround I tried is to use WindowTop but the full version is paid and uses more CPU resources than my liking.

  • I use Stickies myself and it does support always on top, on a per-note basis. Disabled by default, but you can easily pin it to prevent them being covered by other windows.
    – Alejandro
    Nov 29, 2021 at 3:26
  • @Alejandro, you should post it as an answer Oct 10, 2023 at 21:47

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Simply Sticky Notes and Stickypad have options to stay on top always.

These options are not enabled by default so you must enable them.


Notezilla does this. Its free to try for 30 days and it costs $29 to buy. You can stick it to any window. Its the only one I found that does this.

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