For many programming languages there exist free IDEs with refactoring support to allow one to break out chunks of code into new functions/classes with minimal risk of error.

I would like to do similar things to some of my Verilog HDL code breaking an over-sized module into smaller modules, but I don't do enough of this sort of work to justify buying a paid tool. Are there any free (free as in foss would be preferable, but free as in beer would be tolerable) tools that can do this?

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One approach that might be worth looking into is using Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs):

Verilog -> AST -> [refactor AST] -> AST -> Verilog

There are a number of python tools that can do the first & last steps one being pyverilog I recommend that you start by checking that you can do a round trip without any refactoring as the first step.

There are also some python projects that can perform refactoring operations on and AST - RedBaron looks very interesting.

This might be a little more "roll your own" than you prefer but is:

  • Free: FOSS
  • Free: Gratis
  • Cross Platform

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