I'm looking for free tools to decompile and extract resources from SWF files for which I don't have a source anymore.

Open source tools would be beneficial.

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  • SWFTools - SWF manipulation and generation utilities

    You can install SWFTools distribution (which has also a command line program), and use SWFExtract, that can decompile flash files.

    On OSX, install via: brew install swftools.

    This will install tools such as: as3compile, font2swf, jpeg2swf, pdf2swf, png2swf, swfbbox, swfc, swfcombine, swfdump, swfextract, swfrender, swfstrings, wav2swf.

    swfextracts allows to extract swf movieclips and objects out of swf files.

  • FFDec (GitHub) - JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler

    Opensource flash SWF decompiler and editor. Extract resources, convert SWF to FLA, edit ActionScript, replace images, sounds, texts or fonts. Various output formats available. Works with Java on Windows, Linux or MacOS.


    java -jar ffdec.jar myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -proxy
    java -jar ffdec.jar -proxy -P1234
    java -jar ffdec.jar -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -selectclass com.example.MyClass,com.example.SecondClass -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -format script:pcode -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -format script:pcode,text:plain -export script,text,image "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -format fla:cs5.5 -export fla "C:\sources\myfile.fla" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -dumpSWF myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -compress myfile.swf myfiledec.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -decompress myfiledec.swf myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -onerror ignore -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -onerror retry 5 -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf
    java -jar ffdec.jar -config autoDeobfuscate=1,parallelSpeedUp=0 -export script "C:\decompiled" myfile.swf

    Instead of "java -jar ffdec.jar" you can use ffdec.bat on Windows, ffdec.sh on Linux/MacOs

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    FFDec is awesome, even if it has a terrible GUI. A small remark regarding their DEB file: it can be made to run with OpenJDK rather than Oracle Java by changing the dependencies list. Dec 4, 2015 at 1:46

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