I generally mute my laptop. I generally have multiple browsers open, with multiple tabs.

Inevitably, when I want to watch a movie on my laptop, one of those dozens/hundreds of tabs has a video running, with sound, and, when they stop, they just run another. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

Is there any solution?

  • I use VLC to play video, so a plug-in for that that mutes everything else, woudl be fine
  • a gratis Windows app to mute all programs but one would be equally acceptable

For instance, a gratis Windows version of SoundSource for mac

enter image description here

Control audio on a per-app basis, adjusting the volume and output device for individual apps.

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Mute all applications (SoundVolumeView.exe /Mute AllAppVolume), then unmute one specific (SoundVolumeView.exe /Unmute your_app.exe).

  • Wah! How could I forget NorSoft? Their apps are awesome. I will verify this & get right back to you. Thanx a 1,000,000
    – Mawg
    May 27, 2020 at 7:14

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