I am looking for an application that can generate treasure hunts (basically which include just Q&A levels) which can be easily deployed online.

Here are the some of the important features:

  • The hunt involves users progressing from Level 1 to Level x, where the user is asked a specific question or posed with a certain challenge in each level, both of which involves a specific answer.

  • The user progresses from one level to another only after the user has correctly answered the question (retries allowed).

  • There is a public leaderboard which lists the users based on the level of the users and the time of answering (first to answer goes first).

  • An option for the users to login via social accounts (Facebook, Google+, etc) would be preferable.

  • The user interface involves just the current level (without the ability to go back or forth) and position of the user in the leaderboard.

  • It would be useful if the ability to edit the source of specific levels (to include clues in the source code) is available.

If all of the above is not possible, any suggestions involving that can implement atleast the basic Q&A idea would be appreciated.

Or, if you have a different approach (along with a tool that can implement it) for holding such a competition, it would be more than welcome.

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Though I couldn't find a proper application which can automate the task of generating the treasure hunt template, here's something which can help you get started with a treasure hunt of your own with little to no work.

The students of NIT Calicut, India, who built a treasure hunt (Clueless - Tathva 2013) as a part of their annual inter-college fest have made the code public under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.

A fully functional online treasure hunt built in CodeIgniter, for Clueless 2013, conducted as a part of Tathva, at NIT Calicut, India.

The setup seems to satisfy almost all the requirements mentioned above. The only problem for a beginner might face might be setting up everything in the server. But, they also have a guide to help you set it up.

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