Python's unittest framework is command line based. Instead of console output, I'd like to have GUI output. Specific task, that should be accomplishable:

  • start all tests per button
  • start single test per button
  • start group of tests per button
  • see output / result inside the GUI

( Kind of like Guitar for GTest in C++ )

Does anyone knows anything?

Searching results in the GUI itself as in "tkinter" for GUI applications.


Cricket does a good job: Screenshot of cricket

  • Install it:
    • pip install cricket
  • Navigate to folder, where all your testscripts are.
  • run cricket-unittest
  • You might be requested to install idle-python3.6:
    • sudo apt-get install idle-python3.6 (for ubuntu)

Source: https://github.com/pybee/cricket

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