I forgot the password for my old computer. A quick look on the internet shows that there is a possibility to reset or even recover the password. Unfortunately, all the proposed methods (ophcrack, Kali Linux) are not working on Windows 10. Other approaches are expensive. Is there any free software that allow



Some linux distro come with chntpw The tutorial show how its done with Fedora, but many other linux bootable ISO can be used.

sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/Microsoft/
cd /mnt/Microsoft/Windows/System32/config/
sudo chntpw -i SAM

Then type 1 (for Edit user data and passwords): And type your user account name (i.e., Archit-PC in this example) for the username:

Type 1 to clear the user password your user, then quit and save the changes:

Reboot to Windows. If you selected 1 above, you'll see there's no password required to log in. Just click Sign in and you will be logged in:

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