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Software that assist in recovering lost passwords

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Generate permutations for forgotten LUKS pw

I encrypted my SSD with LUKS ~9 years ago. I wrote down my password on a piece of paper back then. Since then I used this password to boot my computer every day. It has 32 random characters that I ...
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ZIP password cracker being able to deal with more recent versions of ZIP format

I am looking for a ZIP password cracking tool that is capable of dealing with modern variants of the ZIP format. When I opened it it shows errors about requiring "PK compat. v5.1". Tools ...
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Web browser Password recovery Tool for Windows

I'm looking for a Tool to recover lost/forgotten password of any Website, including popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and GMail, as long as the password is stored by your Web Browser. ...
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Software to recover/ reset windows 10 admin password

I forgot the password for my old computer. A quick look on the internet shows that there is a possibility to reset or even recover the password. Unfortunately, all the proposed methods (ophcrack, ...
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Tool to extract password-protected .rar without the password

I have a .rar file I don't know the password for. What is the fastest software to get the password?
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Alternative to UnRAR.dll

I have a RAR file that I password protected 10+ years ago and (you guessed it) can't remember the password now. What I do remember is the possible pieces of that password so I created a dictionary ...
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Is there a free tool which can reset a Windows 10 syskey password?

Passcape is a commercial tool which allows a user who has been scammed to recover from someone running SYSKEY on their Windows 10 machine and enabling a startup password. Is there a free tool which ...
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Password cracker for ZIP files

I have a password-protected ZIP file for which I can’t remember the password. I know that it was an easy password (most likely a variation of an existing German/English word), and I can narrow down ...
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