There are some documentation tools for C++ or C# module developers.

Doxygen: Best for generating cross-reference API reference documentation, but it is hard to author an online book (overview, tutorial, etc.)

Wiki: Best for writing online book (overview, tutorial, etc.) but it is hard to add links to every API functions.

Is there any combination of Docygen and Wiki thing?

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    doxygen can generate a online book, see e.g. the doxygen documentation which is written in doxygen. This might look a bit harder but when a user / developer uses it already for the code the step is not that large and doxygen also supports, a part of, markdown.
    – albert
    Jul 31, 2018 at 14:41

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Sphinx-Doc is a python tool for generating documentation from ReStructuredText files & python source but can be used with Breathe to interact with DoxyGen for processing C/C++ files.

The output from Sphinx can be any/all of HTML, LaTeX, PDF, etc.

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