I am implementing an application that displays an overview of the availability of a limited number of persons. In some sense this is similar to Outlook, if you have a combined view on several people's calendars. In fact it shall become some sort of replacement of Microsoft Outlook, because Outlook always displays short meetings but I'm interested only in long-term (week-wise) absences.

These would be the steps in my application (most of that I will implement myself):

  1. get all items from Outlook calendars of the affected persons, plus other sources like personal calendars (Gmail etc.)
  2. apply filters, especially: remove all items that are shorter than 2 days
  3. display the remaining items on a very rough scale (month to year instead of days): that's where the library comes into play

Here's a graphical representation of what I need:

Calendar representation

That library or component must

  • support .NET (C#)
  • support zooming
  • support scrolling
  • support bars in different colors
  • be gratis (free of cost)
  • be open source and actively maintained
  • allow commercial use

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Essential Chart for WPF can support this kind of display using the column range chart type- only requirement it won't be able to meet is that it is not open source. There is a community license though if you qualify.

Sample application code

  • support .NET (C#) : Yes
  • support zooming : Yes
  • support scrolling : Yes
  • support bars in different colors : Yes
  • be gratis (free of cost) : Yes (Community license)
  • be open source and actively maintained : Not open source
  • allow commercial use : Yes

Chart with Range Column type

The whole product is available for free through the community license if you qualify (less than 1 million USD in revenue).

Note: I work for Syncfusion.


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