I'm searching a library, which provides same, or similar, functionality as make:

  • definition of rules:
    • input file(s) - names / wildcard / regex pattern,
    • output file(s) - names / wildcard / regex pattern,
    • command (instance implementing some Runnable-like interface),
  • determine outdated outputs based on (timestamp) changes to input files.


The library must be licensed under license, which is compatible with Apache 2.0.


I found Make in Java, which without taking too much time to look, seems like a Java make implementation (or something similar to make). It is LGPL licensed.

  • Sounds interesting,.. but, LGPL library can not be used in Apache 2.0 project,... And, I don't want my project to put restrictions on users / developers,.. – kravemir Mar 2 at 11:17

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