How to accept PayPal payments in Python?

Particularly what about recurring/subscription payments?

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Django Debits is an advanced Python payment receiving framework.

Django Debits has particularly great support for recurring/subscription payments.

It is available both open source and commercial version.

Support for the following advanced features:

  • support for both regular and recurring transactions
  • support for imitating a subscription payment with any number of manual payments for any paid duration placed whenever the customer wants
  • automatic disallowing duplicate payments of the same invoice
  • support for automatic cancellation of old subscription as soon as a new subscription is placed by the customer
  • sending reminder emails, with customizable templates
  • trial period without registering at the payment processor (such as PayPal) site and without asking a credit card
  • subscription period and trial period can be any numbers of days, weeks, months, years (subject to payment processor limitations)
  • very customizable, for example the example application shipped with the project shows the following features
    • several pricing plans
    • easy subscription and unsubscription
    • switching between pricing plans at any time (subject to PayPal limitations)
    • calculation and automatic adjustment of the remaining time to the due payment when upgrading to a more costly plan

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