I am looking for a software that allows me to model paint designs that I can apply to a car. My objective is to play with the paint designs that I can apply to a car before going to a body shop and asking them what I want to do on my car. Here are the requirements:

  • Free (if there are no free versions, paid versions are acceptable).
  • For Windows.

Quite a steep learning curve and probably overkill but you could use Blender 3D to first model your car, (there may already be a model out there that someone else has done and released into the public domain), then apply various colour schemes to the model.

Minus Points:

  • Large
  • You have to learn to use it and to 3D model
  • You may well get hooked

Plus points:

  • Free
  • Cross platform including Windows
  • Full 3D
  • Can produce full photo quality renders/videos and animations
  • Lots of books/web sites/help & tutorials, e.g. modelling sports car in cycles.
  • You will learn to 3D model
  • You will probably get hooked.

Example from the above tutorial:porche

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