I want a program for inputting a function defined by table of values in GUI.

feedgnuplot can turn a set of text lines with numbers into a graph in one move. I want to do the reverse - turn a graph I edited in GUI into a table of numbers.

Expected workflow is something like this:

drawgraph sketch

$ drawgraph
-3.2 2
-2.8 3
-2.5 7
-1.7 11
-1.1 9
-1 -9
-0.3 -7
0.2 -4
1.1 9
1.5 9
2 5

Additional features:

  • Inputting the plot to be edited instead of creating one from scratch;
  • Editing the plot not just point by point, but also with a "brush";
  • Support of more than one plot;
  • Logarithmical scale support;
  • Subdividing, merging, optimizing;
  • Applying transforms like smoothing or editing spectrum like in equalizer, adding noise, etc.;

Graphics and audio editors often have such function editor embedded, for example for "curves" tool. I want it standalone.


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