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I am a computer repair technician with 10 years experience. I quit my last job at a computer shop in Northern Colorado in 2016 in order to try my hand at independent service and consulting. I founded Braden’s PC’s in 2017 and am currently working on new tech/business ventures to complement that.

I am a Colorado native and have lived here since birth. I love Colorado. I would not dream of living anywhere else in a thousand years…..well, maybe Hawaii.

I like science fiction & fantasy, PC gaming, movies and TV, technology, time with friends and family, and eating tasty things. My favorite games are open world RPGs that I can really lose myself in. I am an avid fan/follower/historian of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. I grew up reading nothing but the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels and comic books. I was ranked as #1 in the United States and #5 for the world in Star Wars trivia on QuizUp for the month of March.

Also R+L=J. If you know what this means and would like to hear a less known theory, check out “Daario Naharis is Euron Greyjoy"; It seems to me that it could still be true for the books, but is 99.999% dead for the TV series.

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