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Software that interacts with recording, organizing, or playing voice-mail messages.

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Free Microsoft Teams alternative with opportunity to host on your own server

My company uses skype and e-mail for all messaging, conferences and so on. Me as a person who used to discord all of this stuff makes to cry because it is uncomfortable to use. I'd like them to switch ...
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Software to record a voice to then be able to make it read anything at any time

I'm looking for an app that can listen for a while to a person's voice and write a file that can be used to talk out to someone, in that same voice, by inputting the file into a separate app, that ...
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Form builder with voice messaging

I am looking for a form builder, where with each question, the user would have two options (two tabs) to reply either in text or by leaving a text message. The only form builder with an option for ...
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Automatic transcription software for phone audio recordings

Please recommend software to transcribe audio recording of telephone calls. The software needs to perform the transcriptions automatically, and not depend on a human to perform the transcriptions. ...
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Leaving a voice message by typing a text

When calling a phone number one sometime falls on a voice mail. I sometimes prefer to leave text messages than voice mail messages, but some phone numbers don't accept text messages. I am looking for ...
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Android voicemail GUI app

I dislike listening to voicemail, waiting for messages to finish, trying to call some of them, deleting others, finding out who called & when, etc... I would like an app to display this sort of ...