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Globally available macOS app with efficient typo correction UX

I often make typos. I would love to have software (on macOS) that runs everywhere, scanning my text, and lets me fix typos as fast as possible. I am aware that there are some apps/system settings that ...
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Grammar tool that (really) works offline on Linux

I need a grammar language assistant. I am available to pay a licence, but I am looking for something that works offline on Linux. Currently I am using the free version of ProseLint , but it misses a ...
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Grammar correcting browser plugin that works like a translator for all sites

There are tools like Grammarly, but they only work on input text. Is there a tool that fixes all grammatical errors in the existing text of the web page? Kinda like how a translator plugin replaces ...
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Analyse and simplify technical text (about software engineering)

I know there are Grammarly, LanguageTool, Hemingway editor and more choices to analyze my text for correctness and readability. But is there a more specialized program specifically for a technical ...
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Looking for a Weasel-word spell checker

Recommends using precise terminology when "weasel words" are detected. Similar concept to the Simple Terminology checker mentioned on this site that detects jargon words. Perhaps similar to ...
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Script detecting missing articles (a, the) in an English (command line tool for Linux)

Is there some existing offline tool that can be pointed to a file with English text and will complain about missing "a" "the" within the text? Preferably it would be command line ...
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Best Document Review/Proofreading software?

I've been asked to review a 60 page word document that is an application for European funds. The document is technical/scientific. What is a good software to review the document, to correct: grammar, ...
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Corrector like grammarly or antidote for Russian

Does a website like grammarly or antidote exist but for Russian? Grammarly has the Russian language but it says me that something is not a mistake, even when I deliberately entered a mistake for ...
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python module to search for multiline pattern in text

Sometimes I have to do complicated refactorings in a multi-language project. "Complicated" as in, far from stuff an LSP-server would allow, as a "rename an identifier". A recent ...
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Is there a software that can convert simple English into Professional English?

I need to submit a write up for my Project (I am a computer science undergraduate). I only know how to use basic words in English. I often need to write reports, articles, etc. for which I need good ...
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Spell and Grammar checking engine with RESTful API

If I think of automated writing support service, the following examples come to my mind: Microsoft Word with some proprietary engine Open Source engine from Open Office, Hunspell Commerical online ...
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affordable library for analyzing texts/sentenses gramatically

I have project, to create application, that should do following: Application should take word or sentence as an input. It should analyse the word/sentence grammatically and should give grammatical ...
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Grammar checker extension for Firefox

I'm using Mozilla Firefox, and I'm writing a lot of articles on different sites. I need an extension that will check the text I write (in English) and suggest me how to fix it if there are any grammar ...
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Lightweight text editor for spell check & grammar check offline in OS X

I keep using LibreOffice for just the spell & grammar check, earlier it was MS Word. Is there an offline version for English language that is multi-platform? Basically an app like Windows ...
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Library for graph grammar & graph rewriting

I'm interested in a library for: Representing graph rewriting rules Representing formal grammars relating to graphs (Low priority:) representing graph automata (Low priority:) Running graph automata ...
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