I need a free app for Android/IOS which allows user to make auto call. The app you can input your own audio, set phone number and time the calls would made.

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Tasker does this and a lot more. It has Call action which allows you to Auto Dial a number. On newer Android versions or with custom phone call apps it could require help of AutoInput for the call to go through.

Unfortunately, audio part of it is (almost) impossible simply because Android doesn't allow apps to automatically talk to the other side - see e.g. this answer for more details. For obvious security reasons, as that could result in apps abusing permissions and advertising spam/scams whenever you make calls.

You could work around it by using 3rd party device next to the phone, e.g. some speaker, which is connected to a computer. Tasker could then contact the computer through various means (e.g. a HTTP request, IFTTT or an app like Join) and the computer would need to be programmed to play the sound through the speaker. Another option is 2nd phone.

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